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  • Provide income immediately following your death to your loved ones.
  • Provide funds for your heirs.
  • Allocate funds for your children's education.
  • Payoff outstanding debts.

Have you been turned down for life insurance or asked to pay a higher premiumbecause of a medical or weight condition? Then LET US HELP YOU! We will shop your application to the many companies we represent and then come back to you with the lowest premium. You can then fit their offers into your budget. Don't feel you can't get insurance...LET US HELP YOU!

You can provide security for your family today and Save 50% to 70% on term life insurance at The Term Store with guaranteed rates. We represent only life insurance companies rated "A" or higher by A.M. Best. The Term Store helps you find the right term life insurance policy at the best price. The Term Store - Representing Clients, not Companies.

We do this by checking over 450 different term life insurance policies, to ensure we meet your needs. The Term Store understands that people do not want to be sold life insurance but would rather buy what they want and need! At The Term Store, your best policy, is our best policy.

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Are you a cigar or pipe smoker or chewer of tobacco? Let us try and get you NON-SMOKER rates. It is not a mistake, there are companies that will write you as a non-smoker as long as you are not smoking cigarettes. Why pay more than double premiums for smoker rates? LET US HELP YOU!

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If you have questions regarding what kind of life insurance policy is best for you and your family, then please give us a call. One of our specialists will listen to your objectives and recommend the best possible policy for you and your budget. Get peace of mind today! Call us now, toll free at: 1-800-783-8692.

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